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What to buy at Nha Trang night market?

Nov 29, 2019 1252 Views By Hoa Do

Nha Trang is well known as the beautiful beach city in Vietnam. This place attracts a lot of foreign visitors due to its beauty and interesting activities. This article, we will list something to buy at Nha Trang night market for visitors. 

1. Souvenir 

When you have a trip, you usually buy something as a gift for your friends or your relatives. If you visit Nha Trang, there are beautiful souvenirs for you to choose here including lacquerware, scarves, garments, ceramics and pottery, embroidery, silk at any gift shop or souvenirs store at the cheap cost. The market is not large but it has the full size, type, and price so you can be easy to find the best thing for you. 

2. Clothing

There are many types of clothing which you consider to buy at Nha Trang night market but the quality is not so good here. The price is quite cheap but the bargain is necessary to get a better price here. The sellers are quite friendly but they have no place to try on so it is not convenient to find the best suit for you. 

3. Street food

At Nha Trang night market, you have a chance to try many kinds of street food here. The local specialties stress on the fresh seafood ingredients, savory fish sauce or distinctive sweet taste. These are some best street food for you to try as below
  • Rice Vermicelli with Jellyfish or Fish

Bun Cha Sua (Rice Vermicelli with Jellyfish) is one of the well-known dishes in Nha Trang which is distinctive with the broth of jellyfish, rice vermicelli and freshly steamed sailfish. Besides it also includes other ingredients like shrimp, crab meat and pork to make the food sweeter and satisfy the culinary tourists. Other delicious food is Bun Cha Ca (Rice Vermicelli with fish), they replace jellyfish by fish. It's very delicious. 
  • Seafood

​Seafood is very popular in Nha Trang. Coming here, you will have the chance to enjoy fresh seafood at an acceptable price. There are a lot of luxury restaurants or small restaurants on the street. However, you can try it at Nha Trang night market to get an interesting experience. There is a variety of seafood like shrimp, snail, fresh fish, crabs…newly caught from the sea and they are cooked by some other ways including boiling, steaming, mixing with spices, stir-frying, grilling,... Some high suggestion of seafood dishes here are snails in tamarind sauce, steamed squids, and fish grilled with chili and salt.
  • Grilled Pork Roll

Nem Nướng Nha Trang (Nha Trang’s grilled pork roll) is one of the top street food in Nha Trang. They enjoy it by rolling the pork roll, deep-fried rice paper wrappers, herbs, fresh vegetable, and dip into the special fish sauce. Each restaurant will have different vegetable, herb and fish sauce so you should check information before coming and enjoying. 
  • Mini Pancake with Egg, Squid, or Shrimp

​Banh Can (Mini Pancake with Egg, Squid, or Shrimp) is the popular dish in Nha Trang night market. Made from a little rice flour, eggs, onions topped with quail eggs with pork and seafood. This is delicious street food and quite cheap so you must try it when coming here. 
These are some things for the question of what to buy in Nha Trang night market for your trip. It will be the best things for your trip to Nha Trang. For other details related to Vietnam tourism, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or call us at hotline: (+84).899.33.12.12 

Have a nice trip!
Applyvietnamvisa.org Team,
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