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Vietnamese Food Tour In Ha Noi -Part 2

Nov 28, 2019 1513 Views By Ngo Long


Grilled fish with dill and spring onion in a hot pan

Cha ca is another typical dish represents for Hanoi’s cuisine. The main ingredients of this dish are fresh fish, dill and fresh onion. The best fish to use should be Hemibragus as it has fewer bones and taste better, however, some other kinds can be replaced such as mudfish or snake-head fish. 
The grilled fish will be served in a sizzling pan, but don't worry, all the ingredients especially the fish are well-cooked before they are served on a pan at the table. The purpose of using sizzling pan is to make sure that the customers can enjoy the best taste of grilled fish, as their flavor is absolutely better when they are hot. The perfect additions for this dish are always rice vermicelli, peanuts, sliced chili, and shrimps paste. 


Xoi Xeo in a banana leave

Another dish you must try in Hanoi that I want to suggest you are sticky rice with mung beans. 
The sticky rice is cooked with turmeric in order to get the yellow color. Together with the sticky rice, the grounded mung beans will be put on the top, together with some fried shallots. When you walk along the streets in the old quarter or travel around the city, you can see many street vendors are selling Xoi Xeo, especially in the morning. People can have it on the spot or take away. The sticky rice will be put on a piece of banana leaves that does not only help keep warm for the sticky rice but also put more flavor to the dish.  


Have you ever heard about egg coffee? Does it sound funny? Hold the question and let explore the most delicious and unique coffee in Hanoi by yourself. You will pleasantly surprise about its taste, especially if you love coffee and dessert. 
The main ingredients to make egg coffee traditionally are egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and Robusta coffee.
Egg coffee in bowl of hot water 
Egg coffee in a bowl of hot water 

Normally, a small glass of egg coffee will be served in a bowl of hot water, to keep the coffee warm. The egg yolks are whisked and put on the top of the coffee, it is soft and creamy, and tasty. Some people really enjoy the creamy egg by eating a little bit before mixing it with the coffee, while some others love to mix everything at the beginning. 

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