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Vietnamese Food Tour In Ha Noi -Part 3

Nov 29, 2019 1424 Views By Ngo Long


Together with Pho, the spring rolls have contributed hard in bringing the Vietnamese cuisine to the world, and, of course, Hanoi people love spring rolls a lot.
To make deep-fried spring rolls, at first, all the ingredients include chopped vegetables, bean sprouts, meat, eggs, etc… will be wrapped and rolled in a paper rice sheet to make rolls. Later, the rolls will be deep-fried in hot oil. The perfect spring roll is crispy outside, hot and tender inside. Normally, deep-fried spring rolls can be served with the dipping sauce, rice vermicelli, and fresh regional herbs. As the additional dishes for spring rolls are similar with Bun cha – barbecued pork with vermicelli, hence, in many restaurants you can have a combination of those two dishes, that is called “bun cha nem”. 

The spring roll is loved widely as it is the delicate combination of various kinds of ingredients, especially between vegetables and meat in Vietnamese cuisine. The ingredients of spring rolls are not fixed, they can be changed, depends on the kind of the spring rolls, by seasons, by regions, or sometimes, depends on the cooking style of the chefs. The most traditional one is made of pork mince, however, it can be replaced by (or added with) beef mince, fish, shrimps, crab meat, etc. The crab meat spring rolls are quite different and it can be identified to others by its shape, as they are wrapped and rolls in squares instead of the rolls.
Crab meat deep fried spring rolls
Crabmeat deep-fried spring rolls

You can try deep-fried spring rolls with the price ranging from VND40.000-80.000 (USD1.7-3.41), however, it could be more expensive with crabmeat spring rolls.


In Vietnamese, “bun” means rice vermicelli, and one of the meanings of “cha” is barbecued pork. "Bun cha" is listed as one of the best Hanoi’s food ever, it is also the dish that the former US President Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain tried when they visited Hanoi in 2016.
Normally, one portion of Bun cha will be served with one bowl of dipping sauce with pickled vegetable - usually are the carrot and green papaya, barbecued pork meat - includes strips and meatballs together, one plate of rice vermicelli and some Vietnamese herbs. You can mix some sliced chili or mince garlic with the dipping sauce to make it more flavor as well.
One typical portion of Bun cha
One typical portion of Bun cha
Normally, the price of this dish ranging from VND30.000-80.000 (USD1.28-3.41)
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