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Vietnamese Food Tour In Ha Noi -Part 1

Nov 27, 2019 1250 Views By Ngo Long



Pho is well-known all around the world as one of the essences of Vietnamese cuisine. When someone is talking about Pho, you can be sure that they are talking about this kind of Vietnamese noodle. Pho is a typical hot noodle which is served with beef or chicken. The most important ingredient that makes the best taste for Pho is the broth, that normally needs at least half a day ago to prepare. Although there are fixed ingredients for the broth,  every single chef has their own secret to make the best broth of themselves and then, of course, made many different version of Pho. Together with the broth, the fresh and tender meat, the fresh taste of spring onion, the spicy of chili are perfect complements for Pho.

In Hanoi, you can see people eats Pho at various time during the day, they can have Pho for their breakfast, for lunch, for dinner or even for the supper. Pho can be served either in fine dining restaurants or in street food stalls. The luxury level of the restaurant does not matter to the quality of Pho, even the best Pho ever in Hanoi is only can be found in very small, but traditional restaurants at some little corners. In those tiny and busy restaurants, the customers sometimes have to queue and wait for their turns.

But have you ever wondered how to eat Pho like the locals? It is so simple, do not forget to ask for some added “Trứng chần” – runny-poach eggs and “Quẩy” – fried breadsticks.
Pho with runny poach egg

Immediately after receiving the bowl, you should enjoy the fresh taste of the egg yolks and then, the crispy fried breadsticks need to be dip into yummy hot soup.
Pho with “Quay” – fried breadsticks
Pho with “Quay” – fried breadsticks


Traditional Vietnamese baguette
What is “banh mi”? “Banh mi” or Vietnamese baguette has been recognized as TOP 10 most delicious sandwiches in the world by Traveller. And do you know, not only Vietnamese, a lot of celebrities could not resist the mouthful taste of banh mi after they try it.

That is the reason why together with Pho, “banh mi” or Vietnamese baguette has contributed to bring Vietnamese cuisine widely to the world. When you travel to Vietnam, especially to Hanoi, you can find many places selling Banh mi on the streets, from bakeries to street vendors.

Banh mi is made with wheat flour with a thinner crust compared to French baguette that makes it crispier outside but a litter bit soft in the side. There are many kinds of topping that people can put inside Banh mi, normally, it is the combination of some herbs, pickles, Vietnamese ham, etc. Currently, some people love to use roast pork belly or pork barbecued as the main topping for their banh mi, while fried eggs or sausages are always the best choices for the kids.
Banh mi with pork barbecued
Banh mi with fried eggs

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