Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please read carefully our policy and terms and conditions before using this site. If you agree with them, don’t hesitate to use our service to get the best service for your visa. If not, please click “exit” to look for another website which is suitable for you.
By using the services on our website, you unconditionally agreed with this terms and conditions. If you don’t agree with this terms and conditions, please directly contact us by email in contact page for better support.


Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is type of visa that you get visa stamped on your passport at Vietnam International airport upon arrival. In order to get VOA, you have to complete 3 stages as below:

  • Stage 1
    Complete the procedure on our website: applyvietnamvisa.com in tab “Apply online”. We will process your application by submit to Vietnam Immigration Department to get the letter for you
  • Stage 2
    You will receive your visa approval letter and Vietnam entry and exit form by email as soon as we get it from Vietnam Immigration Department in PDF or JPG file.
  • Stage 3
    Get visa stamped on your passport at Vietnam International Airport when showing your Vietnam visa approval letter, a completed Vietnam entry and exit form, original passport, 02 passport size photos and stamping fee for immigration officer at Vietnam airport.

Vietnam visa on arrival is only applicable for travelling by air to Vietnam. Therefore, please pay attention when you would like to enter Vietnam by land. In this case, you have to go directly to the nearest Vietnam Embassy for help.


  • You are required to show your letter before departing your flight to Vietnam
  • The format of approval letter will be different from each other depending on each Vietnam Immigration Department but it is legal document for getting the visa upon arrival at any Vietnam International Airport.


As soon as your payment has done, you will receive a confirmation email from our system about your application status. We will process your application in working hours for normal service (2 working days), urgent service (1 working day) and emergency service (2 working hour). If you would like to process your application in time off or weekends, please select time off & weekends service.

Important note:

Our company’s working hours is from 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM (GMT +7) from Monday to Friday and also base on working hours of Vietnam Immigration Department which is normally from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM and from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM (GMT +7) from Monday to Friday.



By sending your application to our system, you accepted to pay all fee related to Vietnam visa on arrival.

Service fee

This fee is paid for our service to get approval letter which sent into your email. Service fee will be different from type of visa and processing time.

We will send a successful payment email for you. We are not responsible for any situations that arise due to unsuccessful payment.

Stamping fee

This is type of fee that paid for Immigration Officer at Vietnam International Airport in cash and regulated by Vietnam Immigration Department. In the case, you don’t want to pay it in cash at Vietnam airport; you can pay it online together with our service fee. Our staff will pick you up and pay that fee for you.

USD is highly recommended for this fee and we, applyvietnamvisa.org doesn’t take responsibility for any exceeding amounts result from inaccurate exchange rate when you pay in other currencies.





We provide this service to help our customers get visa stamped on their passport in the fast way at Vietnam airport. They don’t have to stand in line to wait for their turn at Vietnam airport.

Car pick-up


This service assist our customers to have better trip when arriving Vietnam. Our driver will wait for you outside the airport gate then take you from Vietnam airport to your hotel in city center.



Two methods will be accepted for payment on our website as below:

  • Method 1: Pay by Credit card, Visa card, Master card,.. through Onepay Gate
  • Method 2: Pay through Paypal Gate using your credit card via.


We guarantee that you will receive approval letter by email within 24 - 48 working hours for normal service. If you would like to cancel your request on our system, please inform us by email before 1 working hour after completed procedure on our website.

Any cancellation after 1 working hour or after your application sent to Vietnam Immigration Department is not accepted and no refund will be given for this case.



We will refund for denied applications by Vietnam Immigration Department and cancelled applications by applicants in appropriate time as below:

  • Denied applications or cancelled applications on time will be refunded 100%
  • No refund for the following cases:
a. If your status is “processing” or “done”
b. For extra services (fast track or car pick - up)
  • If we arranged these services for you at Vietnam airport
  • If you don’t provide your flight details including flight number and exactly time of arrival
  • If you change your flight but don’t inform to our system
c. For visa approval letter
  • For errors made by clients and request to arrange a new correct letter, we will charge as follow: charge extra 80% fee arrange new approval letter (this fee will be depended on your Type of Visa). The Visa Approval letter is issued by The Vietnamese Immigration, so we are unable to change any detail once it is processed.
  • For our company’s errors, we will refund 100% fee or arrange a new letter for our customers.
  • Within 1 working day after receiving our service. If we don’t receive any feedback from our clients, we will not take responsibility related to any error.
  • We are not responsible for the case that clients provide wrong contact details.
  • We will deny entering Vietnam for the next time if our customers use Fake Credit Card to settle the payment.


  • Due to some reasons which are over control of our system, we will not guarantee that you will receive full email from our system. The reason can be wrong email address, email failure,...
  • We are not responsible for any loss, delay or cancellation of your flight, hotel booking or tour in the case your visa application are denied by Vietnam Immigration Department. We only refund for received amount.
  • Because of unexpected reasons, it can take beyond 2 working days for getting your visa letter from Vietnam Immigration Department so you are highly recommended to apply for your visa about one week in advance to avoid any hassles.
  • The approval letter will be granted separately for each application. It can be a private letter if applicant require or common letter with so many people on the same letter.
  • We also reserve the right to refuse any visa applications