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Something you need to know about Vietnamese culture

Nov 29, 2019 2691 Views By Hoa Do
As an attractive destination in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a country where has a special culture. This is one of the reasons that attract the more and more visitors around the world. There are some points in Vietnamese culture that visitors should learn before arriving in Vietnam as below:
1. Diversified Vietnamese culture
There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam and the most popular is Kinh people. They are mainly situated along the Red Rivers. Other groups will be scattered in the mountain areas. Each group will have a separate culture and the culture of Cham people is one of the earliest cultures in Vietnamese history. 
There are three regions in Vietnam: The North, the Central and the South. Each region will have a different culture and the lifestyle is also not the same. The level of open-minded lifestyle will increase from the North to the South. 
2. Cuisine in Vietnamese culture
Because the regions are different about the lifestyle, the cuisine is also not the same among the North, the Central and the South. The main food in Vietnamese meals is rice added with meat, vegetable, and fermented fish sauce. The most popular dish is rice noodle. You can find this dish anywhere in Vietnam but depending on each region they will have some different toppings.
3. Traditional custom
Ao Dai is the traditional custom in Vietnam. Started from Nguyen Dynasty until now, Ao Dai has considered as national dress of Vietnam. Before Ao Dai was worn by both males and females but nowadays, it is worn by mostly women. Besides Ao Dai, there are also some types of the traditional dress of Vietnamese such as Ao Tu Than, Ao Yem with Non Quai Thao and Non La in the North or Ao Ba Ba in the South. 
4.Traditional festivals in Vietnam
There are a lot of festivals in Vietnam, Each ethnic group will have separate festivals but the most popular festivals are national festivals. There are two biggest festivals in Vietnam including Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year) and Hung King Commemoration Day. These festivals allow Vietnamese citizens have a long holiday but still receive the salary for days off. In addition, it also has other small festivals such as Lim Festival In Bac Ninh Province; Giong Festival in Soc Son, Hanoi; Huong Pagoda Festival in My Duc, Hanoi,... 
5. Religions in Vietnam
The main religion in Vietnam including Buddhist, Taoism, and  Confucianism. Vietnamese people are free of religions, therefore, when you explore Vietnamese culture, you can see more religions such as  Mariamman Hindu Temple, Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi.

These are something you need to know about Vietnamese culture. We hope that you will have a nice trip to Vietnam. For more details related to Vietnam tourism, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] 

Have a nice trip!
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