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Some types of traditional Vietnamese dress

Nov 29, 2019 1457 Views By Hoa Do
Discussing Vietnamese Traditional costume, people will think of Ao Dai as a traditional costume. However, there are some other costumes that are Vietnamese costumes in the immemorial stage. Depending on the regions, they are different as well. The costumes will be suitable for the habit of locals. 
1. Ao Dai
This is the traditional costume of Vietnam today. It is considered as the national dress. This costume is worn by men and women. For men, Ao Dai only reaches to the knees. For women, it is usually long over knees and designed in many other styles with several patterns like flowers, birds,... Nowadays, Ao Dai is worn in Holidays or uniform of high schools, university or office. 
2. Ao Tu Than
Known as a four-piece dress, Ao Tu Than is worn by peasant women in the North of Vietnam before Ao Dai. This tunic has two parts at the waist: two flaps in front of and two others in the back.  and two flaps in the back will be sewn together while the back ones are not. 
Underneath the tunic is a long plain skirt. Women used it undergarment with glowing color. Nowadays, Ao Tu Than is worn in folk music performances or in some other festival.
3. Ao Ba Ba
This is a traditional dress in the South of Vietnam in the foretime. This costume consists of a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers. Ao Ba Ba is the typical costume clothing for both sexes in the South of Vietnam and this is the symbol of warm heart and peasant people. Nowadays, it is still worn in daily life but it is not popular and it is used as a gift for Tet. 
4. The traditional dress of ethnic groups
Vietnam is a country with a plenty of ethnic groups. There are 54 ethnic groups here, each ethnic group will own the separate costume. It brings the characters of each ethnic group. Among them, the costume of White Thai Ethnic Group is the most beautiful. Nowadays, they still wear them in somewhere and on holiday.  

These are some Vietnamese traditional dress. Some of them still use in daily life and others are used for the festival in Vietnam. For more details related to Vietnam tourism, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]. We will assist you at our best. 

Have a nice trip!

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