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Discovering the beauty of nature: Ba Ho Waterfall (Part 2)

Nov 29, 2019 584 Views By Ngo Long

Lake Number 2

Also, in the dry season, the lake number 2 is drained and the water is not green. The higher it is, the more opaque the water is. However, you can see the large rocks most clearly at this time, the forest covered with a green color. All create a wild and romantic landscape of mountains and forests.
Lake No. 2 is under the shade of trees so it is very suitable for you to rest, eat or soak in the cool water. However, this lake usually attracts only a small group of young people because the road to get here is quite arduous.
Some visitors often climb up to conquer the three waterfalls and return but not to swim.

Lake number 3

When you reach Lake Number 3, you can go back to the old road or you can try the forest road by following the direction of the red arrows on the opposite side of the waterfall, which is relatively difficult but also worth to experience. If you do not like climbing, you can just visit Lake Number 1 or downstream area.
In the downstream area, you can enjoy the natural landscape. The stream is flowing down over stone cascade in the vast forest. As you put your feet in the cool water, all the tiredness and anxiety were swept away by the water. You would find peace within yourself – such a good feeling.

What to consider

•    Bring fast food, deli, plenty of drinking water, anti-allergy medicine, and sunscreen for your trip.
•    Eat and drink in the tourist area ONLY.
•    Do not set on fire or cook (avoid forest fires).
•    The bouldering to the waterfall is challenging and isn’t suitable for people with mobility issues.
•    Follow the regulations set by the resort management board.

Have a memorable trip!
Reference: www.vntrip.vn
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