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Ho Chi Minh City, a place to go in 2020 in Vietnam

Feb 28, 2020 1203 Views By Ngo Long
As you know : From Hanoi, people can travel to Ho Chi Minh city by all means of transports, by plane, by train or even by coach. As the landscapes in Vietnam are quite diverse between regions, travel across the country, from the North to the South might take much time than people's expectations, hence, split the schedule is the better way. Fortunately, recently, it becomes more convenient to travel to Ho Chi Minh city as more and more countries have operated direct flights to Ho Chi Minh international airport, such as India, Australia, Singapore, etc

 Saigon Central Post Office


Saigon central post office or Ho Chi Minh City post office is a post office in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh city, that located near “Duc Ba” Cathedral. Saigon central post office is one of the most unique buildings in Ho Chi Minh city, it was also constructed from 1886-1891, under French colonial time of the country like “Duc Ba” Cathedral. It has Gothic, Renaissance and French influences. Nowadays, the Saigon Central Post Office becomes one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh city. 

 Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market is also considered as one of Ho Chi Minh city’s most famous landmarks, one place that you do not want to miss. Ben Thanh is not only a market, but it also witnesses many ups and downs of thí city through years, especially during the war, which makes it become more special. 

The market exists before the invasion of the French in Vietnam but was burnt down in 1859. It was reconstructed again in 1860 and several times later. The current market was built by the French from 1912-1914.

Ben Thanh is a big retail market, where people can find many kinds of daily life stuff, ranging from souvenir items to traditional customs. The street foods served inside the market are also worth to try. By visiting the market, the tourist also can have a chance to explore the life of local people. 

 Binh Tay market

Binh Tay market is located in District 6, Ho Chi Minh city. It was built and finished in 1930 by a Chinese businessman. It is one of the most beautiful markets in Ho Chi Minh city, and also the place where gathers many Chinese small businesses.

The market opens from 2 am until 10 pm. There are more than 2.300 stalls inside the market selling over 30 different kinds of stuff, mainly species, confectionary, clothes, houseware, etc. 
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