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​Vietnamese Clothing: Modern Ao dai 2019

Nov 29, 2019 8279 Views By Ngo Long
​Vietnamese Clothing: Modern Ao dai 2019: Modern ao dai has been created when the fashion market is in the development stage with a breakthrough in its styles. In the beginning, although there were many negative objections to change the traditional style on Ao dai, the modern Ao Dai has confirmed its position and developed dramatically only 2 years later. Evidently, when we walk into the street on Tet holiday, Modern Ao dai appears dense and is favored by Vietnamese ladies in 2019.

Modern Ao Dai is not only a new fashion trend, but also helps to hide body flaws (fat around the waist, biceps, and calves) that traditional tunic cannot do. 
This ¾ sleeve Ao dai can be a good choice for women with a slightly chubby body shape.
The new model of Ao Dai with the pleated skirt and lace dress was designed by Long Ng.
 Daisy Fashion updated the latest trend of Ao dai in 2019.
Vietnamese lady in a long chiffon shirt with flared sleeves. You can find this dress at Germe Shopee.
Elegant and convenient in this short-sleeved shirt and culottes
Angela Phuong Trinh (Vietnamese celebrity) in modern Ao Dai
Ao dai with front and back split laps and leggings for the stylish girls.
Stylish and youthful is a phrase dedicated to this innovative Ao Dai.
Fast pace of life in Vietnam during the decades of integration and development witnesses the changes in the traditional ao dai. This does not mean that the traditional ao dai is disappearing from Vietnamese life. Yet, it is becoming more adaptable to these modern days.
Whether it is a traditional or a modern one, Ao Dai owns the traditional beauty in general and fashion beauty in particular. Depending on your taste, you can choose one for your own. 
Reference: Ao Dai Blog - Shopee
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