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​10 reasons why you should travel to Nhatrang, Vietnam -Part 2

Nov 29, 2019 563 Views By Ngo Long
In the second pard: ​ 10 reasons why you should travel to Nhatrang, Vietnam. We are going to explore about one of most beautiful coastal city in Viet Nam. (Readmore part 1 at here. )

7. Rich Cultural Sites

For tourists who love culture and history, there are a number of excellent sites that are worth visiting. Set upon the river bank, and Po Nagar Temple was built by Cham people around 784 AD as a temple of worship. It combines many different religious influences, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. 
In the city center, located on the small hill, Nha Trang Cathedral (Nui Church) is a display of ornate French-style stained glass windows and imposing columns. 
Not so far away, Long Son Pagoda, a Buddhist temple, is famous for its imposing white statue of Buddha that stretches 24 meters high and looks out over the entire city.  

8. World-class Nightlife

One of the city’s best lively scenery at night is The Sea Festival. The hosting of the National Tourism Year 2019 themed “Nha Trang – Colour of Sea” attract a large number of people gathering at the Square with numerous art performances and exhibitions. You would feel the atmosphere of New Year Eve in here. 

You are always ensured to be entertained with parties and live music in bars, pubs, and restaurants in the tourist area. Read more:  https://applyvietnamvisa.org/best-nightlife-in-nha-trang-beach-city-125

9. Scuba diving

“Nha Trang is the original home of diving in Vietnam.” 
The shallow waters of Hon Mun Marine Protected Area in Nha Trang Bay is one of the best places in Vietnam to learn how to dive and several centres offer fun dives or PADI certification with reasonable price. The more experienced divers should ask about Octopus Rock off of Hon Rom. There you can find caves and swim-through tunnels to explore.

10. Amazing Spas and Beauty Salons

What would you do after a long day walking or doing sea sport activities? Nha Trang welcomes you with more than 70 qualified spas within the city. You will experience extremely relaxing massage, ginger herb and other treatments from high-skilled staffs. The other most popular services they offer are hairstyling (colored hair braid and more), nails (manicure and pedicure), and eyelashing extension. Or if you love to have some nice tattoos, there are several reliable tattoo shops in the downtown.
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