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Where to go in Da Nang city?

Nov 19, 2019 467 Views By Hoa Do
Da Nang is the most livable city in Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes. It attracts so many visitors domestic and foreign every year. Thanks to the beautiful beach and fresh air in the city with several bridges in the center. Da Nang brings an attractive beauty that visitors cannot skip when having a plan to visit Vietnam.  This article, we will list some beautiful places in Da Nang City for visitors.
1. Marble mountain 
Marble mountain or Non Nuoc is considered as the spiritual land of Da Nang. Including 5  spectacular mountains named as 5 elements of the universe: Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Every mountain has its particular beauty in shape, position, the material with many caves and temples inside. Among them, Water mountain is the largest one and the most beautiful. 

Marble mountain has many caves and temples in Da Nang. Visiting this place, visitors can miss the sacred pagodas: Linh Ung, Tai Thai, Tam Ton, and beautiful caves such as Huyen Khong, Van Thong, Linh Nhan, Lang Hu, Van Nguyet or other places. In addition, Non Nuoc Village is famous in the foot of Marble mountain for stone carving 
2. Son Tra Peninsula
Son Tra is known as Tien Sa Mountain or a stop for farries in the past. Discover Son Tra Peninsula, visitors can start from Vong Canh Hill. You can see the beauty of white sand and blue sea at Ngoc Mountain and Hai Van Pass from distance. In addition, you will have a chance to relax and hear the birds singing and especially if you are lucky, you can see the endangered animals that you never see in your life. 
3. Ba Na Hill
Called the Western city of Da Nang, Ba Na Hill is a high-quality resort and entertainment area with modern equipment. With the ideal climate, 4 separate seasons in a day:  morning - spring, noon - summer, afternoon – autumn and evening - winter.

Come here, the visitors have experience with the longest and highest cable to admire the beauty of Da Nang from the top. There is a village of villas built in French Architecture with the beautiful view for visitors. Besides, there is the entertainment area for all ages with a lot of gardens such as love garden, a fairy garden, a vineyard, the golden bridge,....These are places for those who are photo lovers
4. Da Nang Beaches
Da Nang is a city which faces to the sea and back against the mountain so there are some beautiful beaches in Da Nang that you must visit

My Khe Beach
My Khe beach is voted as the most attractive beach on the planet by Forbes Magazine. With blue water, white sand, and high-end hotel, My Khe beach bring the beauty that visitor cannot miss when visiting Da Nang. 

Pham Van Dong Beach
This beach is the best place for swimming, both local and foreign visitors like here because of the quiet waves and cool vibe. It is applicable for people who would like to have a quiet moment.

 Bac My An Beach
With the white sand, blue sea and luxury resort, Bac My An is considered as the international class beach. Including 5 beautiful beaches: T18, My Da Dong 2, My Da Dong 3, Bac My An and Furama resort area. You can choose a suitable beach for your trip.

Non Nuoc Beach
This beach has an attractive beauty with the pink sand and the shadow bush to take the rest after swimming or relax on the beach to enjoy the beauty of the beach. 

5. Impressive architectural bridges
Da Nang is well known as the city of bridges. Each bridge has own architecture and beauty. 
Han River Bridge
Be the only colorful rotated bridge in Vietnam, Han River Bridge is a symbol of Da Nang. It will rotate 90 degrees around the axis at 12:30 AM, opening the way for the large ship to pass and closing at 3:30 AM.
Dragon Bridge
This is the new bridge finished in 2013, connecting Da Nang airport to My Khe Beach and Marble mountain. There is the performance of spewing the fire of Dragon at 21:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday and Occasions. 
Thuan Phuoc Bridge
Thuan Phuoc bridge is considered the most beautiful bridge of Vietnam and it will be so beautiful at the late night with many lightings.
Tran Thi Ly Bridge
This is the romantic and poetic bridge of Da Nang lightened by many lightings. It looks like a wing sail reaching the ocean from the distance. 

These are some beautiful places in Da Nang city that you should visit when coming here. For more details related to your trip to Vietnam, please contact us via email: [email protected] to get our assistance. 

Have a nice trip!
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