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The great cities to live in Vietnam

Nov 18, 2019 390 Views By Hoa Do
Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia Area. It attracts millions of visitors every year but before arriving Vietnam travelers should know the best place to stay in Vietnam. This article, we will show you some best cities in Vietnam that is worth to stay for you.
1. Hanoi city
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Attracting so many foreign visitors every year due to the fascinated city and rich culture. This is one of the best city in Vietnam with high-quality life conditions and quite near some famous place in the North. 

Cost of living: USD 600/month
Best quality: Close to Ha Long Bay, Sapa Town,...
Internet speed: Strong and free wifi in somewhere inner the city
Expat community: yes (large and very diverse)
Nightlife: Businesses are legally allowed until 11 PM (However some underground bars and club can be found)
2. Ho Chi Minh City
Located in the South of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is a biggest and aminated city in Vietnam. Before it is called as Sai Gon but today Sai Gon is used for Dist 1 and Dist 3. Including at least 12 districts, Ho Chi Minh is a crowded city having many activities to do and big expat group in the city.

Cost of living: USD 600/month
Best quality: Quite near Cambodia, Vung Tau and Phu Quoc. Visitors have many choices for visiting if staying in Ho Chi Minh City. 
Internet speed: Strong
Expat community: yes (large and diverse). Most of them are in Phu Nhuan, Thao Dien, Da Kao, Binh Thanh, Dist 3 & Dist 10.
Nightlife: Businesses are allowed opening until late night 
3. Hoi An
Hoi An is a small city in the central area in Vietnam. This is an ancient and romantic city. Coming here, you will feel peace and relaxed with the creative lanterns along the streets. Especially, you can easy to meet friendly locals and expats here because this city is quite small.

Cost of living: USD 400/month
Best quality: Peaceful atmosphere, this is the best place for hiking 
Internet speed: Medium
Expat community: Yes (but smaller)
Nightlife: yes. Hoi An has a wonderful nightlife
4. Da Nang
Be a worthy city to live in Vietnam, Da Nang attracts visitors by the beautiful beaches and the convenience for traveling other destination in Vietnam with the own international airport in the city. 

Cost of living: USD 500/ month
Best quality: beautiful beaches and great bridges are the best places for hiking.
Internet speed: Medium
Expat community: yes (linked to Hoi An expat group)
Nightlife: There are several casinos, bars, and restaurants opening until midnight or later to cater the visitors and expats
5. Hue
Hue is a small city but it is pretty charming and attracts several expats to come here. Even they choose Hue to start a new life.

Cost of living: USD 500/month
Best quality: Hue is famous for motorbikes trip to Hoi An that across Hai Van Pass and Da Nang city. And this is also home of the tallest temple in Vietnam.
Internet speed: Medium
Expat community: yes. They love enjoying the quiet life in Hue
Nightlife: the businesses are open until late night 
6. Nha Trang
This place is popular for Russian Expats. Most everything here is in Russian even Russian is spoken here together with Vietnamese. This city is charming with the beautiful beaches and luxury resorts.

Cost of living: USD 600/month
Best quality: beaches and kinds of seafood
Internet speed: Medium
Expat community: Yes (smaller and most of them are Russian and young expats)
Nightlife: Nightlife is wild and funny. Bars and clubs are opened until late at night.

These are some great cities in Vietnam that you can choose for your trip. For more details related to Vietnam tourism, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]

Have a nice trip!
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