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Sunset and night squid fishing trip in Phu Quoc island

Nov 29, 2019 1000 Views By Ngo Long
Sunset and night squid fishing trip in Phu Quoc island. There are so many interesting activities that tourists can do in Phu Quoc island, and one of them is joining in an off-shore tour, enjoying the sunset and then experiencing squid fishing at night. 

This tour always starts at around 5:00 pm when the customers get in the boats on the pier and will end after some hours. Firstly, people will have a chance to enjoy the stunning view of the sunset on the boat, and then when it becomes darker, the boats will move to some suitable places for squid fishing.

After the boats are anchored, it will be lightened by electric lights in order to attract the squids. 
The customers will be guided and provided with all needed tools for squid fishing, then you will have a couple of hours to catch the squid by yourself. Some dishes will be served on the boat later and all the ingredients are fresh such as squid porridge, steamed squid with ginger, stir-fried squid noodles, seafood bbq. 

Something you need to know before joining in a squid fishing tour

+ Be sure that you do not have seasickness. Make sure that you are free from seasickness, because in order to start the squid fishing, the boat needs to be anchored among the sea, and under the effect of sea waves as well as the cold breeze winds, all seasickness symptoms can become more serious, and then instead of having good memorable experiences of squid fishing, you might have terrible experiences.
+ Bring some coats to keep warm when you are off-shore. Although the average temperature during the day in Phu Quoc is 28 degree, it might go lower during the night, especially in the off-shore areas, so the coats will help you feel warm and then you can be able to enjoy the fullest of the tour. 

+ Do not forget to try the hot and fresh squid porridge on the boat. It is fresh, tasty and also the unique dishes that need to be tried when you join in a squid fishing tour. 
+ Squid fishing tour might be unavailable during the full moon. As you know, the squids are attracted by the light, hence in order to catch the squids, the fishermen always hang many electrics lights around their boats. However, on full moon day, as the moonlight is widespread, it is no longer easy to trick the squids come to the boat as usual. 

+ Be patience. I have to say that it is easy and not easy at the same time to do squid fishing. If you are well-prepared for the trip, so the last thing you need is only patience. 

Phu Quoc Island travel 2019

Many travel agencies in Phu Quoc are providing this tour, with the ranging fee is from 200.000 – 300.000 VND (approximately US$8 – US$13), including dinner and fishing tools. 
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