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Something needs to know before visiting Vietnam

Nov 28, 2019 1643 Views By Hoa Do
Well known as a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is one of the attractive destinations for foreign visitors. They love this place because of beautiful land, delicious food, and friendly people. In order to get the best experiences for your trip to Vietnam, all travelers need to know several important things that we will list in this article. These are something you need to know before visiting Vietnam.
1. General information
  • Official name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Time: GMT +7
  • Country phone code: +84
  • Capital: Hanoi in the North of Vietnam
  • Largest city: Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam
  • Drive on the right

2. Vietnam Visa requirements
Vietnam Immigration Department issued the visa exemption policy for 5 European countries and most countries in Southeast Asia. According to that policy, Citizens of those countries will be exempted Vietnam visa from 14 - 30 days. Other countries must have a visa for entering Vietnam. There are three ways to get a Vietnam visa including Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam Electronic Visa and Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy. 
3. Money in Vietnam
  • Official currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)
  • Also accept: US Dollars (USD)
  • ATM: Found at any street in the tourist area (local currency)
  • Credit cards: it is not a norm in Vietnam
  • Tipping: Vietnam is not a tipping country but travelers can tip for getting the best help 

4. Accommodation in Vietnam
You can be easy to find accommodation in Vietnam with a cheap price from homestays to luxury hotels in tourist areas. You should refer to some reliable websites to book for your room. 
5. Best time for visiting 
The weather in Vietnam will vary from North to South. However, the best time for you is from November to April. Because these are the driest time in the year, your trip will be not interrupted by weather. In the case, you would like to explore Vietnam, you can arrive at any time. Each season will have a separate feature that you can feel enjoyable.
6. Transportation vehicles
In order to get the best service, you can install Grab or Gobike apps on your smartphone to book your private car or motorbike at a reasonable price. Or if you would like to explore Vietnam's landscape with your friends or alone, the rental motorbike is available for you. 

These are something you need to know before visiting Vietnam that you should save for your trip. For more details related to Vietnam tourism, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]. We will assist you at our best!

Have a nice trip!
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