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Reasons why you should visit Vietnam for at least one time

Nov 29, 2019 1202 Views By Hoa Do
Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia that attracts so many foreign visitors to come here every year. Providing several amazing destinations along the North to the South. Visitors have many choices for their trip. Depending on each individual, they will choose the best place which is suitable for their expectation. This article, we will list some reasons why you should visit Vietnam for at least one time.
1. The Natural beauty
Be a country in the tropical weather area, Vietnam has four separate seasons in the North and two separate seasons in the South. Nature brings so many beautiful landscapes along the country. Visiting here, visitors can explore from the mainland to the sea. In the mainland, there are plenty of landscapes such as terrace fields in the Northwest or national parks in the whole country. For the sea, There are a lot of beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay, Con Dao Islands, Co To Islands, Phu Quoc Islands,... Visitors will have interesting experiences with these places. 
2. The Local culture
Vietnam is a country with a long history, passing hundred years of control. It is affected by different cultures from China, Japanese and France. This is the reason why Vietnam has a clinking culture. There are several architectures related different culture in the world built in Vietnam such as some temples with Chinese architecture or bridges with Japanese architecture. Some featured festivals are also the same as Chinese but they are changed under Vietnamese culture.
3. The food
Vietnamese food is also attractive for foreign visitors. There are some dishes that are the special dishes in Vietnam including Banh Mi (Bread), Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), Banh Cuon (Vietnamese steam rice roll), Bun Cha (grilled pork and noodle),... Beer is the special drink in Vietnam as well.  There are also some other dishes in the country depending on the regions. Foreign visitors really like Vietnamese food and this is one of the reasons that Vietnam attracts visitors around the world.
4. Adventure Activities
There are several interesting activities that bring great experiences for visitors. Some activities that attract most visitors including buffalos riding in Hoi An, tree planting in Hoi An, basket boat tour in Hoi An or some other activities with sand dunes in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan or activities along Mekong Delta River,...
5. Low cost
Vietnam is a quite cheap country in Asia, everything is at a reasonable price for visitors. Visiting here, travelers have a chance to stay in the cheap homestay or luxury hotel with the affordable price. Besides, there are a lot of food and accessories in the low cheap. Visitors can buy many things here. They can have a great trip to Vietnam at a low cost. 
6. Convenient Location
Vietnam is located quite near some famous tourism countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China... so that when you visit Vietnam, you can be easy to visit the neighbor countries from here by land or by air. 

With some main reasons why you should visit Vietnam for at least one time, you will keep peace in your mind to take a trip to Vietnam. For more details related to Vietnam tourism, please don't hesitate to contact us via email:[email protected]

Have a nice trip to Vietnam!
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