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Best Vietnam Islands considered as "Maldives in Vietnam"

Nov 29, 2019 1439 Views By Hoa Do
Well-known as a beautiful country with a long beach and the largest mountain range in the whole country. Vietnam is the home of paradise islands which is considered as "Maldives" in Vietnam. There are several islands that are must-visit destinations in Vietnam  for your trip as below

1. Phu Quoc Island

Considered as the best Vietnam island and located in Kien Giang Province, the South of Vietnam. Phu Quoc Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, with the white sand beach along with coconut tree rows. Coming here, visitors will be enjoyed the fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere under the sunshine on the beach. Besides, Mong Tay Islet ( Fingernail Islet) is well-known as the Maldives of Vietnam. It looks like a postcard image. It will be wonderful experiences for your trip.

2. Nam Du Island

Located in Nam Du, Kien Hai, Kien Giang Province. Nam Du Island is on the southernmost island of Vietnam. Bringing the beautiful view with the clear blue water and shady coconut trees. Coming here, you can discover the new angle and capture the stunning view of Nam Du. 

3 Con Dao Island

Located away 179km from Vung Tau, Con Dao Island is the isolated archipelago including 16 islands and islets. This place brings a stunning view with clear blue seawater and the massive coral reef. Visiting here, you will see the beauty of the wild island and take sightseeing at the preserve of political prisoners from the war.

4. Ly Son Island

Located in Quang Ngai Province, this is a small island which is well known as a "Garlic Island". In addition, this place is famous for its sea, white sand, and beautiful cliff. Coming here, you will have the best experience with the sea and can buy the special garlic as a gift for relatives.

5. Cat Ba Island

Located off the coast of Hai Phong city, Cat Ba Island is a beautiful island with cool weather, fresh air, and blue seawater. You can hire a boat to explore the bay around or go swimming in the blue water. Moreover, with plenty of fresh seafood, you can enjoy some kinds of dishes with seafood here including snout, lobster, snapper, squid,... You can eat at restaurants in the area of Cat Ba Market. 

6. Co To Island

Well - known as an archipelago including more than 50 different small and large islands, Co To is the best island for your trip. With several beautiful homestays and luxury resorts, this place attracts so many tourists in domestic and foreign as well. Coming here, you have a chance to capture the amazing photos on the beach and enjoy fresh seafood in the restaurants around your homestay. 

There are still many other beautiful islands in Vietnam. However, these are the best Vietnam islands that you must visit. For more details related to Vietnam tourism, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] 

Have a nice trip!
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