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7 beautiful, must visit places in Vietnam

Jan 16, 2020 377 Views By TechSaga

Vietnam is a thin and long country that is spread along the eastern coast of the Indonesian Peninsula for 1600 km. In recent years, Vietnam has been known as an attractive destination to visit in Southeast Asia, attracting around 10 million tourists every year. The reasons for this trend are various, from beautiful terraced rice fields to booming metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City and the UNESCO World Heritage sites at Halong Bay. Here are the 7 most beautiful places that you must visit in Vietnam.

7. Đà Lạt

Located in the southern highland region of the country, picturesque Da Lat is a refreshing break from the southern tropical climate. You can catch a quick flight from Saigon or hop on a 6-hour bus journey. Da Lat is known as the ‘city of eternal spring’ in Vietnam because of its natural richness in flowers and pristine waterfalls such as the Prenn waterfall and the Pongour waterfall.


6. Nha Trang

Known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world is Nha Trang in the Khanh Hoa province of Vietnam. The Nha Trang beaches include the wonderful 6 kilometers of stunning coastline with clear waters and white sand which can only be seen here. Visiting this seaside town means you will enjoy the best fresh seafood and beautiful beaches dotted with tropical islands.


5. Cát Bà Island

Cát Bà Island lies on the southeastern edge of Vietnam’s iconic Ha Long Bay and is a top choice for travelers and explorers. Pristine beaches, clear waters, and dense forests make this island extremely popular during high season, so it’s best to visit when the crowds are low during June-August.


4. Da Nang

Nowadays, the modern riverside city of Da Nang is increasingly making into every traveler’s must-see list. It’s precisely attractive after dark when the neon lights spill across the Han River; on weekend nights the quirky Dragon Bridge is illuminated and, astonishingly, it literally breathes fire.  Lush gardens, illuminated lanterns glowing after dark, delicious food and gorgeous beaches await at this dreamy and ancient spot in central Vietnam.

3. Sa Pa

Vietnam is a tropical country in Southeast Asia, so people thing that snow never falls in this region. Astonishingly, there is one place where snow falls annually from the middle of December to early February and this place is Sa Pa, a mountainous area in northern Vietnam which has become the Northwest’s tourism center in the present day.


2. Hội An

Charming colonial Hoi An is another top choice for vacationers. The old city is full of colonial architecture and is a beautiful place to take in the early morning or late afternoon stroll, when the sun is no longer at its peak. Lush gardens, illuminated lanterns glowing after dark, mouth-watering delicacies and gorgeous beaches await at this dreamy, ancient spot in central Vietnam.


1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, which literally means “The Bay of Descending Dragons,” is an iconic Vietnamese landscape that deserves its fame. Embarking on an overnight cruise through the azure waters is a mind-blowing experience. Sunset over the bay is magnificent and the mist rising off the waters adds an eerie, mysterious element to this geological wonder. It is the number one tourist destination in Vietnam so it can be best visited during high season, but gazing at the limestone formations in the water is definitely worth it.


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