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5 Places you must not miss while you are in Vietnam.

Jan 31, 2020 846 Views By TechSaga

Vietnam is a small country situated on the Indochina Peninsula. Located in the southwest region of Asia, this country, along with Laos and Cambodia, is known as Indochina. The name Vietnam means ‘a group of people’ living in the south of China. The geography of the country is as interesting as the culture and the places to visit as the country appears to be in the shape of a dragon. It is popularly called 'the ascending dragon’. The country is very much cultural, filled with monuments devoted to Buddhism. To ease your planning of holiday, now online Visa for Vietnam is also available for many countries. Here some places you visit in Vietnam for a solo trip,

1) Hoan Kiem Lake

A popular destination for tourists, this lake is extremely serene and pristine. The center of the lake has the Ngoc Son Temple that is linked to the edge by a bridge. The aesthetic beauty of the lake is something you are sure to appreciate.



2) Cu Chi Tunnels

If you are adventurous and enthusiastic to know about the life of soldiers during war situations. This is a tourist spot wherein tourists can go inside the tunnels to see how the soldiers planned, fought, and lived during the war. A guided tour and an informative movie tell you all about the tenacious Viet Cong soldiers’ tactics during the war.



3) Ha Long Bay

It is situated in Ha long city. This city is a hub for tourism, attracting many tourists to its islets. The original occupation of the occupants of this city were coal miners until tourism really bloomed in a big way. There are plenty of resorts and authentic food as well as numerous picturesque attractions.



4) Phu Quoc Island

The sleepy island. Off the coast of Cambodia and gulf of Thailand. The perfect place to unwind. Long beaches - get indulge in drinks and watersports. Phu Quoc national park- bike trails, enjoying in nature and many more.


5) Mui Ne

Fishing boats near the town of Mũi Né

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and other watersports are what this resort town can offer to its tourists. Mui Ne is on the South China Sea in Southeast Vietnam. The low tide of the sea makes it an extremely friendly place and it is swarmed by tourists all through the year.
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