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Whether travelers can enter Vietnam with an emergency passport or not?

Nov 29, 2019 3883 Views By Hoa Do
An emergency passport is a type of document that allows foreigners to leave or enter another country when their original passport is stolen or expired in another country during their trip. This document is issued by Embassy in the neighbor country. Therefore it is the replacement document for the original passport but lower validity. 

Depending on each country policy, your emergency passport will take validity to enter or not. It can be accepted by some countries while being refused by others. To make sure that whether your emergency passport will be accepted in that country or not, please contact to travel agent to check your case.
Emergency Passport
For the Vietnam Government policy, they will accept for an emergency passport for some special cases such as the funeral or family's dissolution. However, foreigners are required to prepare the confirmation or guarantee letter of your family in Vietnam. For other cases, foreigners will be granted a valid visa onto the original/ official passport. An emergency passport will be rejected. 

The policy will be also changed anytime so to make sure for your case, please contact the travel agent before deciding to visit Vietnam if you hold an emergency passport. We highly recommend the foreigners need to check carefully all required documents to avoid any hassles at Vietnam airport. A small mistake can lead to big trouble if you are refused to enter. You will miss your trip, lose the money, wast your time and your effort. 

For any inquiries related to a visa to Vietnam, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]. We will assist you to find the best way to visit Vietnam.
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