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Whether I can get Vietnam visa letter at weekends or not?

Nov 28, 2019 1851 Views By Hoa Do
Vietnam visa letter is a required document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. Allowing the travelers board their airplane and get visa stamped onto passport at Vietnam airport. In order to get this letter, you have to apply online through a visa company. 

As you know, the processing time of Vietnam visa on arrival will be different among weekdays so that applicants should know transparently about processing time. It provides the best way for them to get a Vietnam visa letter at a cheaper price. 
Normally, you have to pay the fee for the working time on weekdays, this fee will be the cheapest cost. However, some the special cases, you would like to arrive in Vietnam without pre-preparing and the moment when you apply for a visa is weekends. What will happen? 
Vietnam visa at weekends

Don't worry! in this case, you still can get a visa to Vietnam at weekends. However, the cost on these days will be higher than normal days. Because you will get the visa letter on the same day (urgent service) and especially on the weekend.

- The processing time:  will be from 1 hour to 8 hours at weekends depending on your type of visa.
- The service fee: Will be from 200 USD depending on the agent
- Extra service: in order to be safe for your visa at Vietnam airport, you should choose fast - track service to have the best assist from our staff on weekends. 

For more details concerning visa to Vietnam, please contact us via email: [email protected]. We will assist you at our best!
Have a nice day!
Vietnam Visa Team,
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