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Mar 09, 2020 1431 Views By Ngo Long

WHAT’S NEW IN VIETNAM E-VISA 2020? vietnam new visa rules 2020?  There are three main ways to get a visa to Vietnam for foreigners. They are Vietnam visa at Embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam electronic visa. This article, we will mention Vietnam electronic visa for travelers. This is a new type of visa for travelers to enter Vietnam by any international ports, any transportation means and get in online via email. 

1. What is Vietnam Electronic Visa? (E-Visa)

Vietnam E-visa is another online Vietnam Visa for foreigners to Vietnam. With this type of visa, you will receive a visa code on your letter via email and you don’t have to pay stamping fee upon arrival. 

This visa allows you to enter Vietnam at any international ports such as land ports, seaports or airports and this is one-month single entry visa for tourist or business purpose only. Therefore, it’s very useful for travelers who would like to enter Vietnam for a one-month single entry.

 However, it is only a visa code, you will not have a visa sticker on your passport and you have to bring that letter with the visa code together with your passport during the time in Vietnam.

Vietnam new visa rules 2020? 

To issue general visas for tourists by sea
Visa’s status can be changed
Visa can be issue by electronic mode
Immigration in coastal economic zones eligible for visa exemption

2. The list of countries can get Vietnam electronic visa

There were only 46 countries are available to apply e-visa before 2/2019. This brings to the result, there are 81 countries now are able to enter Vietnam by obtaining Vietnam e-visa. Check Country list for Vietnam e-visa


In further, these 35 countries includes: Estonia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, San Marino, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Portugal, Mexico, Croatia, Montenegro, Western Samoa, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia, China, Hong Kong, Qatar, Cyprus, Macedonia, Palau, Micronesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Vanuatu.


 If you are in this list, you can get Vietnam E-Visa for 1-month single entry visa and tourist or business purpose. If you stay over 1 month and multiple entries, Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice.

3. The fee of Vietnam Electronic Visa

There are two types of E-visa which you can apply for. They are one-month tourist visa for single entry with the fee is 35 USD and one-month Business visa for single entry with 45 USD. No stamping fee is paid at Ports of arrival.


4. Additional details on the e-visa

Now that you have understood what the Vietnam e-visa 2020 stands for, it may be worth your interest to find out some more details regarding it, which are essential for you to know before you go ahead and take a decision regarding your visa:

It is very important for you to take note of the time period of the visa. The Vietnam e-visa 2020 is valid only for a period of 30 days with a single entry. The calculation for this is done considering the proposed date of entry that you had already mentioned in your e-Visa application. Thus if you enter Vietnam with an e-visa you cannot stay there beyond the 30th day of your initial entry.

If you are willing to extend your stay in Vietnam after the period of the e-visa is passed, then you must consider applying for an entirely new visa in accordance with the Vietnam Immigration Law on foreigners regarding entry into, exit from, transit through and residence in Vietnam.

For minors who are above 14 years, the entire visa procedure needs to be followed. In case of minors under 14, a mention has to be made in the parents’ e-visa.

A copy of the e-visa must be carried at all times when one is within Vietnamese territory and they must comply with the local laws.

However, before you go ahead to apply for your e-visa, make sure that you have been through the list of nations that are eligible (Country list for Vietnam e-visa) to apply for the e-visa online.

5. Requirements for your e-visa to Vietnam

There are certain requirements that need to be kept in mind while applying for Vietnam e-visa 2020:

A passport with 6 months validity is mandatory

Your own passport size photo as well as a photo of your full passport data page in the .jpg format.

A valid international debit card and a valid e mail address for all communications.

The dates of your travel as well as a mention of the entry and exit points.

Further there are some more conditions that are required to be fulfilled in order to get your visa:

You must be an outside Vietnam foreigner.

You must hold a valid passport.

You must not be suspended from entry into the Vietnamese territory vide the Article 21 of Law on Foreigners.

 Entirely online procedure

The entire process of applying for your Vietnam e-visa 2020 to receiving confirmation and the visa itself is all carried out online. You will receive an e-mail on the mail id mentioned in your application regarding this along with instructions on how to enter Vietnam. Once you receive it, make sure you have been through all the information correctly.

6. Validity of your e-visa

The e-visa that you receive is valid across 33 international check points in Vietnam including 8 international airports, 16 land ports and 9 international sea ports as well (List-of-port that accept for e-visa). Upon entry you must first submit your passport along with your e-visa to the Passport control counter for checking in Vietnam. You will also require your Vietnam e-visa 2020 at the time of departure from Vietnam.


7. Extension

If you want further extension on the period of your stay, it can be done from only within Vietnam and in conformation with the clauses of Vietnam Immigration Law for foreigners. With these tips, get your visa approved and step out for your Vietnam tour today!

8. How to apply Vietnam E-Visa?

In order to apply for Vietnam E-Visa, you have to complete 3 following steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out your visa requirements

  • Step 2: Upload your documents (4x6 cm in white background photo + Passport)

  • Step 3: Review and make the payment


After completing the online procedure, we will process your application and send the visa code into your email within 3 working days. Please print the E-visa out and bring it together when arriving in Vietnam.  

These are useful information regarding Vietnam Electronic Visa for foreigners that you can refer for your visa. For other details related to Vietnam Visa, please feel free to get in touch with us via email: [email protected] or call at hotline: (+84).899.33.12.12. We will assist you at our best!

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