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What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival 2020?

Dec 31, 2019 1452 Views By Ngo Long

What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival 2020?

Visa is a prerequisite for you to enter a country if you are not included in visa exemptions. Usually, it takes much time and multiple steps to obtain a visa. Visa On Arrival is the best choice for those who are far away from the embassy or in unexpected cases in which regular visa application is impossible.

How to apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival 2020 (update)

To apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you are required to present the following documents:
- Your scanned valid passport
- Your return air ticket
- Documents evidencing your hotel booking
- Your detailed schedule in Vietnam.
The most popular type of Visa On Arrival is one-month single entry visa. If you wish multiple entries and a longer stay, there are other options for you to choose from such as one-month multiple entry visa, three-month single entry visa or three-month multiple entry visa. Furthermore, you can also apply for a visa extension in case of any change during your time in Vietnam.
How to apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival 2019 (update)

How to apply for Vietnam Visa Extension

The following documents must be provided to apply for Vietnam Visa extension:
- Your original valid passport
- Stay certification issued by local public security
- Completed form N5 certified by a Vietnamese guarantor.
The visa extension often takes 5 days to be completed, excluding weekends and holidays.

Cases to be granted Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa On Arrival might be granted to foreigners falling into the following categories:
- Those from countries without Vietnam visa issuing authorities
- Those to visit Vietnam within a travel program held by an international travel operator in Vietnam
- Those to attend a relative’s funeral or visiting a seriously sick relative.
- Those to enter Vietnam for dealing with incidents, rescue, natural disaster prevention, etc., as requested by Vietnamese competent authorities
- Foreign crews who are landing at Vietnamese ports and want to exit through other border gates.
To be granted Vietnam Visa On Arrival, you must present your passport or valid international travel document and complete the application for visa with a photo at the immigration control agency. Children under 14 can share the application for visa with their parents or guardians if they are co-holders of the passports.

All applications for Vietnam Visa On Arrival from individuals and entities must be addressed to the Vietnam Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security prior to the relevant foreigners’ entry into Vietnam.

It is hoped that the foregoing information on Vietnam Visa On Arrival may help you if you are planning to enjoy your vacation in Vietnam this summer. For any inquiries or questions regarding Vietnam Visa, please contact us via email: [email protected] or call at hotline: (+84).899.33.12.12!

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