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What is the Entry & Exit visa form 2020?

Dec 31, 2019 3656 Views By Hoa Do
Vietnamese entry and exit form (entry and exit form vietnam update 2020) is the document that you have to submit to the immigration officer at Vietnam airport together with your visa approval letter to get visa stamped onto your passport. You have two ways to take this form as below:

- You can get the entry and exit form in landing counter at the airport gate. The immigration officer will give this form for you to complete but it takes 5 - 7 minutes to complete at Vietnam airport.

- We will send this form together with the visa approval letter via email to you. You will complete that form at home before going to the airport. It helps you save the time at Vietnam airport to get the visa stamp.
entry and exit form vietnam 2019
entry and exit form vietnam 2020
You need to complete this form with accurate details. If your personal information is not correct, you are required to complete another form. Therefore you should carefully complete and check it before submitting. 
In order to complete the form. you need to full fill 14 parts:
From number 1 - number 5 is the personal information of passenger such as:

No1. Full name: fill your full name in upper-case letters as in your passport

No2. Date of birth: put your details in dd/mm/yy order

No3. Sex: male or female

No4. Place of birth: fulfill your city and country name

No5. Nationality: include in nationality at birth and current nationality

Number 6: your passport details:

-      Passport number: fill out your exact passport number (both number and alphabet letter)

-      Date of issue and expiry 

-      Issue by: you can check the details on your passport

-    Kind of passport: there are 4 types of passport “ regular passport, official passport, diplomatic passport, and passport card ( noted: passport card is the same basis as a regular passport.

Number 7: This part is for your profession, place of employment and telephone number:  This information must be the same with your application

Number 8:   Your present address and telephone number: Full fill your address in the country that you are coming from

Number 9: this is a part for children accompanying: you must put children’s full name, date of birth and relation.

Number 10: The purpose of entry and exit: fill in your purpose (vacation, business, study, visit….)/Name, the address of the office, organization or full name, relation, the address of your relatives to contact or visit while staying in Vietnam.

Number 11proposed duration to entry and exit Vietnam: information has to match the visa

Number 12entry and exit times

“single” for entering and exiting Vietnam one time in the visa valid period

“multiple” for entering and exiting Vietnam more than one time in the valid period noted in your visa

Number 13port of arrival and departure: NoiBai airport, Ho Chi Minh airport or Da Nang airport

Number 14your confirmation:  "I swear the above declarations are true for which I shall take responsibility"

Done at ……on ….: fulfill  the name of the airport where you arrive and date when entering Vietnam

Note: The photo size is preferred to be 4x6 cm. However, your photo size is smaller than the standard size that is accepted.

The photo must be the latest one or as your passport photos. If you don’t have photos you can take photos in the Vietnam airport with 5USD.

For more details about Vietnam visa, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]

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Have a nice trip!
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