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Want to adore the beauty of Vietnam in your holiday? apply for Vietnam visa

Mar 04, 2020 623 Views By TechSaga

Visiting Vietnam is a  nice option for people searching for a different experience.  From vast beaches to mouthwatering cuisine and exciting color cultural attractions, Vietnam is a marvelous destination with its heritage. Before planning to travel to Vietnam you should know about the requirements of a Vietnam visa.


Do you need a Visa for Vietnam?

Most people need a visa to enter Vietnam. People from many African countries and some parts of Asia are not in requirement  Vietnam visa. But for people of North American and European countries will need to get a Vietnam visa. Fortunately, the application of a Vietnam visa can be submitted online.

How to get Vietnam visa online?

To make it more convenient for you, apply Vietnam visa is here to assist you with the process of getting a Vietnam visa. Our online application is easy and precise, as well as fully supported by us. We advise you to choose the visa on arrival option. Fill application form for Vietnam visa online and follow other steps. Then get your Visa stamped on any international airport in Vietnam.

How to apply for e-visa of Vietnam?

  • Visit our website for Vietnam’s e-Visa Application and fill your bio-data.
  • Upload images of your passport data page and it's a photo.
  • Fill upl required information about your passport.
  • Fill information about your trip.
  • Payment of fee for e-visa.
  • Get your registration code and get it saved.
After submitting your Vietnam e-Visa online, you’ll have to wait for three working days for Visa approval. E- visas are now available for 80 countries over the globe.

How to get Vietnam Visa for Indian?

Indian passport holders can have an option for getting Vietnam Visa
  • Visa at the embassy- by filling the form and submitting it at the embassy, paying a fee.
  • Visa on arrival-The easiest way for Indian's to get a Vietnam visa is to apply for Vietnam Visa online.. You can fill and submit your visa application in just a few simple steps. You will get an approval letter by email in 3-5 working days. Carry your approval letter with you to Vietnam airport. Fee depending on the duration of your stay.

How to apply Vietnam visa for Americans?

US American citizens are needed to apply for Vietnam visas to enter Vietnam for holiday trips and business matters. Before applying you must ensure your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months and two blank pages for a stamp. 

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