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Vietnam visa transit information

Nov 29, 2019 1007 Views By Hoa Do
According to Vietnam Immigration Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam. Travelers would like to arrive Vietnam should deeply understand the following details:
1. Transit visa requirements
For issuing a Vietnam transit visa, travelers have to provide some documents as below:
- A passport
- A ticket matches with the route to the third country
- The visa issued by the third country, except for visa exemption case
 Vietnam Transit Visa

2. Transit  area
- Transit area is a place in the border checkpoint where the foreigners can stay there before departing to the third country
- The transit area will be decided by the authority at the border checkpoint

3. Transit by air
- People who transit by air, are not required a visa but they have to stay within the transit area of the international airport to wait for the connecting flight
- During the transit, foreigners would like to visit Vietnam for tourist purpose according to the schedule designed by the international travel company, can be considered to be issued a visa that matches with transit duration.

4. Transit by sea
Travelers transit by sea will be not required a visa but they must stay in the transit area in the seaport while the boat is anchoring. Anyone would like to enter Vietnam for tourist purpose will be considered to provide a visa 
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