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Vietnam Visa Stamping Fees 2020

Dec 31, 2019 2203 Views By Ngo Long

Vietnam Visa Stamping Fees 2020, How much are Vietnam visa fees 2020? In addition to the Approval letter fee that is paid online, Visa stamping fee is another visa service fee requiring to be paid in cash at Vietnam airports.

Vietnam visa on arrival stamping fee 2020

This is compulsory fee when getting visa stamped on your passport, ruled by the Immigration Department. The cost of stamping fee is announced publicly at legal Governmental websites and at the landing visa counter at any international airport. This fee must be paid directly to the Immigration Officers at landing visa desk in cash (USD or VND) and you will receive the red bill for this fee.

Visa service fee is paid for the visa agent for their processing your Vietnam visa request. The agent shall be representative for you to apply with the Immigration Department to get the visa approval letter in time as your booking. This amount is extremely small and you have to pay online in advance to get visa approval letter then able to pick up the visa on arrival at the Vietnam International Airport.

How much are Vietnam visa fees 2020?

Visa Types Service Fee
Cost/Person (USD)
pay online by credit card
Stamp Fee 
Cost/Person (USD)
pay in cash at the airport
Normal Processing Urgent (1 working day)
1 month single entry (30 days) USD 15 USD 25 USD 25
3 month single entry (87 days) USD 110 USD 120
1 month multiple entry (30 days) USD 25 USD 35 USD 50
3 month multiple entry (87 days) USD 110 USD 120


1. You can only pay for service fee when applying online and then pay stamping fee at Vietnam airport because stamping fee is NOT included in service fee.
2. It takes 2 working days for normal processing and 8 hours for urgent processing to complete, even 1 hour in emergency case.

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