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Vietnam Visa Extension 2020

Mar 23, 2020 532 Views By Ngo Long

Vietnam Visa Extension 2020. If you are in Vietnam and the validity of your Vietnam visa is about to expire or has expired and lead to stay in Vietnam then you can apply for a Vietnam visa renewal or extension. It’s easier and safer to extend your Vietnam visa online without leaving the country for the temporary staying permission due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

 How much longer you can stay in Vietnam will depend on the type of visa you currently have.

 - If you enter Vietnam with a 15-day visa exemption you can extend your visa for 15 more days or 1 month. Kindly note that you cannot return again using a visa exemption within 30 days.

- If your current visa is a 1-month visa you can get it extended for another 1 month or 2 months.

- If your current visa is a 3-month visa you can get it extended for another 1 month or 3 months.

 The procedure can take 7 - 10 working days (not available on weekends and Public Holidays) depending on the duration for the extension you want to apply for. 

The procedure of Vietnam Visa Extension

1- Provide us with details of your current visa included:

 + Your nationality;

+ Visa category (15- day or 30-day visa exemption, 1 month single/ multiple, 3 months single/multiple ...). DL stands for the tourist visa and DN stands for a business visa;

+ The latest date of your entry or the expiry date of your visa;

+ The port of entry: Hanoi airport, Danang airport, Ho Chi Minh airport or land border.

 2- Inform us the duration for the extension you want to apply for.

 3- Get a quote for the extension and be informed about the processing time.

 4- Provide us your address and your convenient time for us to collect your original passport if you agree to get your visa extended through our company. You will get a receipt (received when the cashier accepts the application. Payment can be made when you get your passport back with the extended stamp for your stay).

We provide a range of collection and delivery services in Hanoi on behalf of the Consular Section. If you are living in other provinces and cities, please contact us for assistance.


5- Once your visa is extended, we will deliver your passport to the pickup location you specified when you scheduled your appointment. You should check accurate information on visa extensions being issued by the Immigration Department then pay an extension fee to our company. 

Vietnam Visa Extension Fees

Vietnam tourist visa extension in Hanoi - Please contact us to check the exact fees!

Important Notes for Vietnam Visa Extension:

  • Your visa MUST be submitted for the extension one day before it expires by the latest (NOT AVAILABLE on the weekend and Public Holidays). It doesn't matter if the extension is not done on your visa expiry date. 

  • Visa extension fee can be paid either in US dollars or Vietnamese Dong or by credit card. 

  • The above fee does not apply to Chinese and Korean citizens. If you would like to extend your Vietnam visa to Korean or Chinese, contact us for a detailed quote.

  • The above visa extension fee in Vietnam is applicable to tourist visas. Fees for visa restrictions may vary. 

  • Visa extension fee may change from time to time.

  • The extended visa is valid for one entry.


To  renew your Vietnam visa 2020 or apply for a visa extension in Vietnam, please send a scan of your passport and visa page via email: [email protected] for extension.
Please feel free to contact us at +84.899.33.12.12 or email us at [email protected].
Our address: No. 88 Xa Dan Street, Phuong Lien Ward, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

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