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Top 10 Beautiful Ao Dai in 2020

Apr 10, 2020 1786 Views By Ngo Long
Ao Dai designers have never abandoned the traditional "ao dai" costume. There are always new styles of Ao Dai created everyday. The traditional ao dai has been transformed into many different designs to fit the modern trend and serve as a symbol of beauty for millions of Vietnamese ladies.

Pink Ao Dai with a beautiful pattern

This Ao Dai has floral motifs on the neck and fancy sleeve designs. The sleeve design of this long dress is on one side with no sleeves and one side is sewn from lace. Different colored floral motifs are attached at the neck of the collar and deviated one arm to bring each fancy, impressive and graceful ao dai.

Glamorous cut Ao Dai

This ao dai in red stands out just right and the pattern on the waist makes the outfit much more attractive. The collar allows you to show your attractive neck. Part of the pattern on the waist will help ladies show your slim waist in the most delicate way.

Ao dai with a striking pattern

This pink frock with a striking pattern is pretty much sought and selected by many girls. The dress helps your skin look brighter and fresher than ever.

 Fancy blue Ao Dai

This is a dress that is evaluated differently in color, the color is not too mature but not too young, suitable for ladies pursuing noble style or for middle-aged ladies. With the motifs on one side, the long sleeves down the chest make you look more charming and sweet.

Ao dai with lace sleeves and charming flowers

A light yellow dress with lace sleeves and flowers grants charm to the wearer. 

Blue dress with stones

This Ao dai in green helps to show the femininity of the wearer. Collar design is also one of the highlights of this ao dai, and the stone motifs on the outfit help make the ao dai look more complete than ever.

Ao Dai with colorful flowers

The long dress has colorful flowers on one side of the shirt from the collar to the chest as its highlight. The beads also make it more feminine for the wearer.

Ao dai with special collar

The party dress with this special collar design is still in a state of "out of stock" because so many people want to order it. Designed sawn collar and mesh fabric accents make you charming but still very discreet.

Purple Ao dai with lace

The purple dress with the lace sleeves makes the outfit extremely charming. The wearer can choose a low bun or long curly hair to help her look more feminine.

Ao Dai with sparkling stones

The ao dai with sparkling applique motifs helps ladies to shine even more in both outdoor parties and night parties under colorful lights. You can combine a pair of earrings of the same color with the outfit to help you look more attractive.

 Blue Ao Dai with lace

Blue is a fairly gentle color, fresh and full of life. This color suits almost everyone. The lace help the wearer look much endearing.

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