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Single entry or multiple entry visa?

Nov 28, 2019 1574 Views By Hoa Do
As you know, your visas will be different about the type of visa, purpose of visa and number of entry but several people are not clear about what are single entry and multiple entries? It's quite simple and easy to realize. In this article, we will help you to deeply understand them. Please learn more about this number of entry as below:

What is a single entry visa?
A single entry visa is a type of visa that you are allowed entering and exiting Vietnam for only one time in the term of visa. With this visa, if you exit Vietnam before your visa expired, your visa will be invalid when coming back because it is single entry visa. 

What is multiple entry visa?
A multiple entries visa is a type of visa that you are allowed entering and exiting Vietnam many times during your visa term. The number of entry for this visa is not limited, providing that your term of visa is still valid. 
Single entry visa or multiple entry visa

This number of entry is different about value so the fee is also not the same. Depending on your cases, will have a type of equivalent visa. In order to save your cost, you have to plan the term for staying in Vietnam and then choose the suitable visa for your case.

+ Single entry: is suitable for those who would like to visit Vietnam one time from 1 to 3 month(s). It will save your money for you.
+ Multiple entries: is applicable for who will enter and exit Vietnam many times during their term.

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