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Photo Requirements for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Feb 07, 2020 8821 Views By Ngo Long

How is Photo Requirements for Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2020? Vietnam visa photo size 2020? One of the important parts in preparing for your visa applications is photos.

Here are several requirements for your Visa to Vietnam:

• Two photos are required for Vietnam Visa on arrival. One is glued on the entry and exit form and the other is showed if officers need to check. 
• Photos should be sized 4x6 cm as passport-size, especially taken NOT over 6 months. The date stamp is not necessary but does not show a photo that is dramatically different from your current look.

The photo must be taken in the white background

• Photos should be captured full of applicant’s face, front view in plain white background.

• Photos should be taken in normal view. If applicants wear a heading device, wig or similar things in abnormal view, they should wear consistent with the pictures upon arrival. 
• Veins, hats and scarfs and any other accessories that cover your ears or foreheads are strictly prohibited. 
• Glasses without tinted lenses or any medical reasons are NOT acceptable.

Photo Vietnam Visa on Arrival size:

Vietnam visa photo size 2020:
- Passport size photos: strictly be 4 x 6 cm
- Visa photos: depend on the country of residence and it can be 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches but 4x6 cm is the standard size for Vietnam visa. 

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Have a nice trip!
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