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How to Avoid Online Scams during Vietnam Tourist Visa Attainment?

Nov 24, 2019 493 Views By TechSaga

Not everyone is as lucky as you to get paid for travel. This doesn’t mean one should journey only after being credited. Summer vacations are granted in your children’s school to promote tourism only. Oh! Don’t consider their tons of homework I say. In the world’s peep, Vietnam may be a smaller country to land on. But, it has the potential to bestow cut-throat competition to most glamorous cities across the globe. Don’t you reckon my words? Obtain a Vietnam tourist visa from Applyvietnamvisa site and fly to Hanoi. We will lend you all the support till process ends.  
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How to claim a Vietnam tourist visa for your safari?

In the very first of effort you have to confirm whether you need a visa for Vietnam. Plunge into Vietnam Embassy website and select your country to achieve related information. Be one in known that nationals of few provinces don’t need to register for Vietnam tourist visa application as they can have the visa stamp free of cost. If you are no different to us, apply for a tourist visa at a Vietnamese Embassy in your native place or either you can get on the boat of online Vietnam visa application and then be offered VOA. This modus of visa is only issued when you are to move by air within Vietnam.        

Which application process is easier to come into possession of Vietnam tourist visa?

To file an application for the online Vietnam visa, put Applyvietnamvisa in good use and we will take control of all your paperwork, from forms to documents.

1 Fill up the Vietnam tourist visa application form including personal details, travel date, duration of trip and select single or multiple entries.
2 Pay the fees.
3 After so step, we will send your details to Vietnam Immigration Department and they will issue an approval letter for your come to see.
4 Next to followed we will send you another form which you must get a print and fill, along with immigration letter copy which has to be carried out to Vietnamese airport. Pack these two documents and passport in your shoulder bag to fly for Vietnam as some airlines may ask for a check. 
5 On arrival at one of international airports, smell out the Landing visa signal.
6 At the Landing visa counter, produce them duly filled form, approval letter and two passport photos. Wait patiently onwards until the immigration officer call your name.
7 Get back your passport from the officer with stamped visa and pay the rest of the fee in cash.           

Hence, your visa on arrival process for Vietnam tourist visa has came to an end.

Can you avoid online scam while applying efforts to win Vietnam tourist visa?

For sure you can cast aside the fraud actions when opting for Vietnam tourist visa online. You must not choose the visa application company based only on the price. Keep your ears and eyes open for the positive reviews of the specific visa service provider. Act smart and behave bold. You’re all set to explore Vietnam now.

For other details, please feel free to get in touch with us via email: [email protected].

Have a nice trip!
Applyvietnamvisa.org Team
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