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If you are a fan of spectacular views and you love spending your time on breathtaking beaches, then Vietnam is the place you should come. Weddings are usually stressful and tiring and you don’t get time for yourself, especially on your own wedding. Why not take some time for you and your loved one and relax where you are surrounded by amazing landscapes. Make Vietnam your honeymoon destination. Vietnam is the home of many romantic places and you are going to witness some natural beauty and a completely different culture. We will promise that you will have the ultimate experience of a honeymoon in Vietnam. Vietnam has everything color, natural charm, delicious food, unique scenery and much more which can make your honeymoon a perfect one. This beautiful country has gained much popularity in the past few years because of its beautiful sights, flavors, and experiences. Whether you are looking for an adventurous honeymoon or a romantic one, Vietnam can offer you all. Vietnam is a country that is modern like any other country but still has its ancient touch. So, Vietnam will absolutely be a great choice for newlywed couples to explore the ancientness in the city. Vietnam is not a very big country but still has both north and south side. Both sides are totally different when it comes to cuisine, culture, and custom.  You should include both sides to experience the vast diversity of the country.  One of the best things to experience in Vietnam is its cuisine. Vietnam has a very different style of food which is very delicious and unique. Not only food, Vietnam has a very different style of coffee, a kind of egg coffee which you really need to experience. So, enjoy the best time of your life with a peaceful yet vivacious destination for your honeymoon, Vietnam. 



Reasons to choose Vietnam:-

  1. If you want to get the feeling of a luxurious honeymoon but don’t want to spend much, then Vietnam is your place. The hotels and restaurants are very affordable, so are the flights. The cost of  transfer is also low in the city. All these things make Vietnam the best budget honeymoon destination in Asia.

  2. Although the hotels are affordable in the city, that doesn’t mean they don’t provide the quality of hospitality. The quality of hospitality in Vietnam is as good as any other expensive countries provide.

  3. The people of Vietnam are very friendly and helpful. They are always eager and available to provide any assistance and help to the tourists. 

  4. Vietnam is a place for unique and delicious food. You will get a perfect combination of mouthwatering food and beverages. 

  5. As we described above, it is needless to say that Vietnam is the home of many romantic locations and scenic beauty. You should go and see on your own the beautiful creation of god that this city offers in the form of nature. 


Places to Visit in Vietnam:-


Hoi An Region:-

Hoi An is an ancient town in Vietnam. It has Chinese temples, Japanese bridges, French style houses and beautiful beaches which make this town a must go visit for honeymoon couples. You can go to charm island to experience cruising, diving, and underwater photography.


Hanoi Region:-

If you are a history buff then you should definitely not miss this one. It has the imperial citadel of Thang Long and Ho Chi Minh’s museum to explore the history of the country.  



Ho Chi Minh City:-

The attractions of Ho Chi Minh City should be covered by every visitor. Some of the attractions are the War Remnant Museum, Notre dame cathedral, Cu Chi tunnels, and Mekong delta.



Other Places:-

There are many more places that should be covered by every honeymoon traveler, such as The valley of love, The Xuan Huong lake, Sapa valley, Halong bay, etc. 


Vietnam Tourist Visa:-


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