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Five simple home workout exercises

Jan 17, 2022 900 Views By Ngo Long

LOCKDOWN is going to be a challenge for super-fit gym-goers since gyms are closed and movement outside is limited, but there are some suggested selection of exercises you can do while stuck indoors with nothing more than your own bodyweight and 20 minutes. So do yourself a favour: take that 20 minutes, close down the alarming news, step away from social media, and try and raise some endorphins.


First of all, clear a little space - push back chairs or tuck away things from the hallway. If you have a yoga mat, set that up somewhere. It’s not essential - if you have carpet you don’t need anything, if it’s a hard floor maybe put a towel or two down just to protect your arms. Get into position: lie on your front with your forearms on the floor (parallel to each other), toes tucked under, then push up your bodyweight so you are resting on your forearms and your feet. Keep your body in a straight line - brace your core muscles, don’t sag in the middle. Hold!

Work up to holding 1 minute. If you’ve never done it before, have a google of “plank daily challenge” and follow that - in days you’ll move from 10 seconds to 60, and possibly well beyond. If you’ve already a regular planker (which sounds, to my English ear, horribly close to an insult, sorry) then try variations like side planks or harder adaptations. Check online videos for correct form but also always remember my own personal plank rule 1: while planking you must spend the time thinking about the fact that the world record for a plank is 8 hours and 15 minutes. It’s strangely cheering, mainly because no one is making you do it.

 Farmer carry

Just when you thought holidays were a dream, it’s time to fill your suitcase! Use books, tins, old CDs - whatever you’ve got. Squat slightly to pick it up (don’t bend over) and make sure you brace through your core and then walk, keeping nice and even and straight backed. Of course, you can do this with one “weight” in each hand but that might be tricky to balance properly at home - unless of course you happen to have two sacks of rice lying around.

Again there are some good online videos and explainers by better qualified people than me - but please do start light and gradually add weight if it’s too easy, rather than the other way round. Ideally you will work up to using an amount of weight you couldn’t carry more than a couple of hundred metres max.


Things you can use for this: a step, a low bench, a toddler’s chair - anything that won’t move and can comfortably take your weight. Stand in front, step up with one foot, bring the other up, stand up on the step. Step backwards using the same leg. Repeat on the other side. So basically it’s a constant up-and-down but each time you are alternating your ‘lead’ foot. Try to keep your back nice and straight again and your core braced. Do as many reps as you can until you feel like your form is starting to go a bit. Maybe keep a count of how many that is, and aim for a few more next time.

 Free weights

Free weights

Time to unpack again! Get some of those tins or bags out of the suitcase and use them as weights. There’s almost an endless list of exercises you can, from simple bicep curls to deadlifts - but there’s also a really good BBC workout set here using only cans. You can also use them when you get super good at planks - together, we can all come out of isolation one day in the happy future with cores of steel.


Skipping with a rope is a truly fantastic cardio exercise, challenging a lot of muscle groups and working your hand/eye coordination and timing into the bargain. Of course you do need a bit more space for this but if you can, it’s a brilliant way to get the heart rate up and fantastic particularly for runners who can’t get out.

Only the truly hardcore could probably manage to skip for any serious length of time but mix in repetitions of, for example, a minute of skipping then working through the other exercises above - then repeat times 5. Or just see how many skips you can do before you snag yourself with the rope, then try and beat that each time.

(Source: worldathletics.org)

Need to extend your visa?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the visa extension method without leaving Vietnam is a safe option for foreign visitors, because they can:

avoid the risk of being infected by a virus due to going to a crowd and the risk of being banned from re-entry to Vietnam if you depart or transit through one of the areas infected with the virus.

Request for visa extension / re-issuance in Vietnam

To extend / re-issue Vietnam visa, please ensure your original passport:

  • valid for at least 06 months from the time of renewal / reissue

  • There are at least 02 blank pages . 

To apply for a visa extension in Vietnam, please send a scan of your passport and visa page via email: [email protected] for extension. Feel free to contact us at +84.899.33.12.12 or email us at [email protected]. Our address: No. 88 Xa Dan Street, Phuong Lien Ward, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

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