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Application For Vietnam Entry and Exit 2020

Jan 17, 2022 5686 Views By Ngo Long

What's new in Application For Vietnam Entry and Exit 2020

What's new in Application For Vietnam Entry and Exit 2020?✅ Application For Entry and Exit Visa (M3) is a form issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, is required of all foreign passengers arriving in Vietnam by air. The form will be handed out to you on the airplane or at the airport.
Application For Vietnam Entry and Exit 2019
Application For Vietnam Entry and Exit 2020

How to fill out the form and sign 2020:

1.  Your exact full name (must match your passport, write in Upper Case letters)
2.  Your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)
3.   Applicant’s sex noted in passport: male or female
4.  Place of birth: both city and country name
5.   Your current nationality or both nationalities if you have
6.   Passport details: passport number, passport-type (standard/diplomatic/official), date of issue, and expiry date. Check your passport for the section “Issued by”
7.    Profession and place of employment: this section must match the record you provide Vietnamese embassy when applying for a visa, or for visa-on-arrival, simply fill in your current occupation
8.  Present address: this is your home address in the country you are coming from
9. Children accompanying: list all that apply
10. Purpose of entry and exit: write one that applies (tourism/business/study/work/other)
Name, address of contact: this can be the name of the hotel for tourism purpose or a company for business purpose
11. Proposed duration to entry and exit Vietnam: give as an exact estimation as possible. Note that this record must match the visa you applied for.
12. Port of arrival and departure: Write down Arrival: (Tan Son Nhat Airport, Noi Bai Airport, ...) Departure: (Tan Son Nhat Airport, Moc Bai border gate...) you might be requested to present a return flight ticket in special cases.
13. Done at ... on ....: port of arrival


  • Glue your photo sized 4x6cm at the right top corner as the form request + 1 additional photo same size.
  • Prepare fee in cash (Please remember that the fee for 1-3 months single entry, less than 1 months multiple entries, 3 months multiple entries and 6 months multiple entries are different, so you should bring extra money in case of the high fee.)
To download entry and exit form Vietnam - Go this link: Vietnam entry and exit form 2020

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